Walkthrough Update #23 (May 2018) – Short & Sweet

Hello team,

This month is a short and sweet update. Techstars ended on May 8th with our Demo Day Presentation and since then I’ve been spending my time on the fundraising trail.

Although we grew in revenue again, with Elizabeth tackling day to day operations, it’s been difficult to focus on short term initiatives with 3 people on the team such as getting new photographers trained to meet demand.

// Key Performance Indicators //

// Highlights //

  1. We topped last months revenue again ($44k).

// Lowlights //

  1. We took an initiative to hire & train 10 more photographers over the last month. A few of the new hires have taken several weeks to go through the online self-training and Elizabeth has been spending her time finding new engineers, moving offices & managing the existing outsourced operations team which includes 2 customer service members & 2 photo editors. The influx of cash will allow us to bring in another person here to help figure out how to get trainees hired & in the field.
  2. Although we had 4 new photographers join the field this month, 4 had also taken vacation, extended sick time, etc. This clearly just notes how we need to have more photographers in our pipeline.

// Learnings //

  • Last month I sent out a long list of VC’s and I had quite a few initial introductions from that list (thank you!). An unintended consequence was that it may have looked unprepared and that I didn’t do my research. My initial goal was to push out an MVP, send out the list and then iterate and continue to do research on this list (which is updated here), but I’m realizing I should have sent over that context in my last message.

// Shoutouts & Thank You’s //

  • Taron Lizagub, Christine Lai, Ian Kuliasha, Rebeccah Jepsen, Noah Pittard, Robb Kunz, Michael Dill, Matt Holmes. Alex Canter, & Tyrre Burks for several investor introductions!

// Confidential Details //

  • Bank Cash Balance: $49k
  • Current Runway: 8 months

// Misc Resources //

Pascal Wagner

Here are a few behind the scenes photos before demo day. All the founders gave their pitch at the same time, with other members throwing ping pong balls at us, playing music and anything else they could do to potentially distract us. This was all in an effect to make sure that on stage, nothing would have us forget a line or distract ourselves from the presentation.