Walkthrough Update #19 (Jan 2018)

Hello team/investors/advisors/friends,

Below is our latest update — feel free to read just the highlights or as much detail as you’d like.


  • Seasonally, January is one of the worst months in the year for revenue (kids are still in school, people aren’t moving during the holidays). This January, we almost had the same revenue as we did in the 2017 peak season (~$30k/mo)! It’s also a huge improvement over last year!

We’ve been accepted into the Techstars Boulder Accelerator. It runs Feb 12 – May 12th. It starts tomorrow (Monday!)

  • Our focus is on (dis)proving VR use to tour homes over the next 3 months while in Techstars with usage & revenue as our guiding metrics.
  • Hired & trained 5 new photographers (3 in Denver, 2 in Austin) to keep up with the demand.


  • I’m looking to be connected with residential/commercial agents who deal with residential buyers, multi family apartments and/or commercial leasing.We’re willing to help their clients tour spaces in VR for free so we can quickly learn and iterate on our product. Here is an email template to make intro’s easy!
  • (We’re already running tests with 3 realtors, Platform At Union Station, Verve Apartments, Lincoln Property Management, and Western Investment Network).

January Overview:

  • The entire photography side of our company is being run by Elizabeth. We’ve been testing over the last few weeks how can Jeremy & I free ourselves up as we enter the Techstars program to 100% focus on our next objective.
  • Added ability for realtors to access additional photos themselves and also method to ask for photo requests which drastically streamlined workload on HQ.
  • When a realtor books, they automatically book into a photographers schedule now so they know ahead of time when they are booked.
  • Created funnel to acquire home buyer leads and sell them to agents to prove out VR.
  • Recreated the photographer training program to be 3 hours and totally virtual (this used to take 5 days!). We can run trainees through as many houses for practice as we need to.
  • Created new funnel where we are acquiring new customers for ~$3-5/lead. Then built follow up email sequence providing value over time.
  • Redesigned site to begin split testing all pages for conversions as well as added our virtual reality product. Also added pricing & about us pages to drive conversion.
  • I’ve started recording a few videos of what is happening day to day in our company as we go through Techstars if you’d like to subscribe & follow along on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


Shoutouts/Thank You’s:

  • Elizabeth on our team has been absolutely amazing! She’s been holding down the fort, and now been the photography side of our company almost completely by herself! Without her hustle and willingness to take on many hats, Jeremy and I wouldn’t be able to focus on proving out the VR side of the business over the next 3 months.
  • Thank you Paddy for the introduction to the Innovations team at US Bank for the potential VR pilot!
  • Thank you to: Peter Hoang, Kate Spitznagle & everyone that helped give me an introduction to get the ball rolling with our VR Experiment.  You all have been absolutely amazing in helping us with introductions to different agents around town.

Key Performance Indicators:

Pascal Wagner

Walkthrough replaces the time-consuming process of touring multiple properties with a simple and affordable virtual reality experience. (view investor slide deck)