Walkthrough Monthly Update #20 (February 2018)

After starting Techstars on Feb. 12th, we’ve made significant progress on the VR side of our business. Today, we are targeting out of state buyers looking to buy a home. As a buyer, we ship you a VR headset at no cost to you. As that’s happening, you let us know the properties you’d like to “visit” and we go out and scan those properties and upload them to the database for you to tour them from your own home, on your own time. We then partner with realtors to do the “last mile” of the transaction like seeing the homes in person and helping with the closing process.You can find our new landing page for that here.

Additionally, the photography side of our business is growing so fast that we need to hire & train 6-10 more photographers over the next 2-4 weeks on top of the 10 we already have.

// Asks //

  • Intros into the current or past Email Marketing, Head of Marketing, or Head of Paid Advertising for a real estate related companies like Trelora, Zumper, Zillow, PurpleBricks, Compass, etc. to look at our lead funnel and also share what has worked for them and what hasn’t.
  • Introduction to Copywriters to give feedback on all parts of our funnel/landing pages/email followup.
  • Do you know any equipment leasing or rental companies? We have $20k-$100k in Equipment we either already have or need to buy and need to look into getting it financed.
  • More introductions to current home buyers. Here’s how other people have done it!

// Highlights //

  • We’ve committed to working with Buyers – Before this month we were testing between 1) being a tool for agents 2) working with buyers 3) working with apartment hunters 4) relocation companies or 5) as a tool for high end companies like Inspirato.
  • Photographer going through v1 of 100% remote training – For context, when we hired a photographer anywhere around the country we’d need to pay for their flights and hotel and bring them to Denver to train them for 5 days. Over the last few months we’ve brought training from 5 days to 3 hours. This week a new photographer is going through our first version of a 100% completely remote self training experience that doesn’t take any of our own time or cost us anything.
  • Adwords campaigns are up & running – After committing to our out of state buyer demographic, we now already have a full fledged marketing campaign up & running through Adwords & Facebook so that we can gather data on acquisition costs & conversion rates.
  • We’ve been able to order wireless & laptopless headsets!  – Up until now we’ve had to set up sensors across the room and run the HTC Vive through a cord attached to a laptop. Jeremy found out how to get 5 Vive Focus’ on a secondary market. This will be a big piece in “Shipping VR” to our buyers to have them tours homes remotely.

// Lowlights //

  • Roadblock of scanning units for buyers – We’ve been running into several roadblocks around getting our photographers into homes to get them scanned for our experiments.
  • Platform @ Union station temporarily putting VR on pause – They started using our VR service and they are still excited about it but it crashed several times while the VR was setup in their office. We’re working towards fixing those issues and bringing in a new working version.
  • Missing out on $5k-$10k in Revenue this month.  We’re not able to hire & train photographers fast enough to meet demand. We need to hire 5-10 more over the next 3-8 weeks. Here is an example of texts I personally receive from customers:

// Shoutouts & Thank You’s //

  • Nicole Glaros for helping us craft a better pitch that speaks to investors on Demo Day.
  • Kelly Coyne for helping us understand and put together a strategy for PR. We have 4 publications interested in running a story with us now!  Also putting us in touch with the VP of Operations at Zumper to learn about the apartment rental market.
  • Mindy Nies for giving us insight into CAC for buyers (this drastically changed the direction we were going in from Apartment Hunters to Out Of State Buyers).
  • Zach Nies for sitting down with us at the beginning of the week and running through an Impact & Uncertainty exercise to help us with what we need to focus on. Also for sitting down with us to work through how to integrate experiments into our weekly sprint planning workflow.
  • Laura Mueller & Kate Spitznagle for working with us to be able to get into homes to VR for the first couple buyers testing out our product!

// Product Improvements //

// Key Performance Indicators //



Walkthrough replaces the time-consuming process of touring multiple properties with a simple and affordable virtual reality experience.