September 2016 Update #3 – 1st VR launch in brokerage

Hey advisors/friends/family!

You are receiving this email because you are a mentor, investor, or close friend of the Walkthrough team. The intention of this email is to get help growing our business and to keep potential investors updated on our progress.


  • Take a look at our introductory pitch deck. We’re raising $1 million and have soft commitments of $350,000 already. If you’re interested in learning more, shoot me a reply and I’d love to connect over lunch or coffee!
  • We’re looking for a regional sales team member ASAP (Based in Denver, CO)! Please send me recommendations of who to connect with!

Recent Highs:

  • We received so much interest at the Colorado Association Of Realtors Expo that we are now working to expand to Colorado Springs, Summit County, and Fort Collins.
  • Below is a photo the interactions we’ve had at our booth!
  • David Miller (Team member #4!) has joined our engineering team and has already started automating parts of our photography service. Check out the new team photo:

Where we currently are (KPIs):

  • We’ve more than doubled revenue every month, for the last 3 months.
  • We grew in agent count by 27% over the last month from the Denver area who have tried our product or are waiting for their next listing to try our product. We’re currently at 294 agents, up from 231 agents back in August).
  • Here is a quick overview of our short history as a company:

Thank you for reading through this. We’ve received an overwhelming amount of support and interest in making this vision a reality and moving forward I’d definitely appreciate any thoughts and feedback on our update and business.

Pascal Wagner