One of my best friends Diego Corzo is currently in the process of fighting for the right to stay in the United States.

One of my best friends Diego Corzo is currently in the process of fighting for the right to stay in the United States.

He asked if I would write a letter to immigration about the impact he’s made on his life and I just wanted to share my letter with all of those that may know him – the type of man he is.

If you have a similar story with Diego, I’m sure he could use all of the help he can get in terms of support and documentation of why he should remain in the US. So don’t hesitate to reach out to him and help out if you think you can.

I hope everyone finds at least one friend like Diego in their life.

Thank you Diego for all that you’ve done, I’ll continue to have your back and I look forward to crushing life together.
To whom it may concern,

Diego has had a massive impact not only in the businesses that we run together but also throughout my life. We’ve known each other over 11 years and have helped each other in ways that no other person I know has.

When Diego and I met we were 15. We joined the same technology after school program and I became friends with him because he was not only really friendly and did what he said he would do but I could count on him. If I needed help with homework, he was there to tutor me. If I needed someone to talk to, he was there. If I needed a study partner, he’d stay up all night with me to study for exams. Even today, when I need help financially, he has my back.

Diego has helped me achieve so much in my life that I just could not have done without him. Because I lived over an hour away from school, I couldn’t take part in many after-school programs but he and his family helped me with open arms. They let me stay at their house up to 4 nights a week for over 3 years until we finished high school so that I could stay late to do extra curricular activities to be a better candidate for college.

Then throughout college we made a decision to take 48 out of 51 of our classes together. Because of our commitment to our goals and helping each other, we worked different multiple different jobs together, graduated from college within 3.5 years, with 2 different bachelor degrees, and in the top 10% of our class – both debt free.

After college we started businesses together. An IT consulting company and a real estate business. We now together, at the age of 26, own over 11 different real estate properties together all around the country.

There is no other friend that has made a bigger impact on my life than Diego. With and because of him, I’ve achieved so much and I know that because of having him involved in my life as a friend and as a business partner, we’ll be able to make such a bigger impact to society in our future.

I hope through my story and the series of photos I’ve included, you see why he is an amazing human being – one fit for this country.