November 2016 Update #5 – Automated photo processing

Hey investors/advisors/friends!

More excitement in update #5 coming to you from the Walkthrough house of hustle!

Where we are:

  • Market: Our assumption is that Virtual Reality will become useful and it will be difficult for any other competitor to compete with us when we have ~30% market share (basically if 1 out of every 3 homes you’d visit, you could walk through virtually).
  • Below is a graph of our market share growth in Colorado. We already capture 1.8% of the homes that are put on the market every month.
  • Product: It may not look like much, but our customers really care about the brightness/hue/saturation adjustments on the photos they receive from photographers because they believe it can make the difference between a potential buyer or not selling a home for top dollar. So much so that photography companies hire photoshop experts full time to make these adjustments to real estate photos all day. Below is our fully automated photo processing solution we built last month at work!
  • These guys are pretty excited because they finally get to sleep a little more and don’t have to edit every photo by hand. Look at the excitement on their faces!

Where we’re going:

  • Heather, our Operation Manager, has been building our rigorous training boot camp. She’s already hired & trained 2 contractors that are out in the field serving our customers and she’s now working towards working out the kinks to be ready for city expansion.
  • Below you can find a screenshot of a portion of our program:

Where we need help:
If you’re able to help out here – I will make sure to send you the most delicious cookies & milk you’ve ever had for the holidays.

  • Do you know any real estate brokerages or developers in NYC? I’m there Dec 6th-9th and would love to meet to ask how we could save them $$$, get them more clients with our package, and also give them a demo. I can send you a forwardable email to make it easy to ask them if they want to connect.
  • Have you or anyone you know expanded operations to another city? We’re currently planning our expansion into our next 3 cities and would love to pick your brain and bounce our current plan by you for feedback!


As a reminder:

  • You are receiving this email because you are a mentor, investor, or close friend of the Walkthrough team. The intention of this email is to get help growing our business and to keep everyone updated on our progress.
  • Our mission is to build the virtual reality database of properties that other companies contribute to which helps real estate agents and home buyers eliminate most of the time, money, and hassle associated with commuting to and touring properties. (view investor slide deck here)

Thank you for reading through this. Please let me know what else you would find valuable in these updates.

Pascal Wagner