My Company Walkthrough Was Accepted Into Techstars!

It hasn’t been publicly announced yet, but Walkthrough was selected as one of the 10 companies out of I think 3,000+ of those who applied to participate in Techstars Boulder.

The team at Techstars recommends that you get all of your obligations in order, mention to your family that you won’t be really spending any time with them, and they also even strongly recommend getting a place to live in Boulder for the 3 month period as you’ll spend most of your time at the office. This is a time in my life that I’d love to document and by vlogging, I would automatically create content that is be able to look back on.

As a personal challenge, I’d like to create video content daily over the next 90 days while Walkthrough participates in #Techstars #Boulder. Even if it’s just a 1 minute clip.

I’m realizing that I’ve been struggling to post videos because of a fear of not posting something interesting enough. So to get over that fear – assuming you’d find it interesting to follow along through my experience over the next 3 months, what would you want to see in a daily video clip?

Let me know on Twitter: @PascalWagner1