May 2017 Update #11 – City search introduced

Knock Knock. Who’s There? New Clients.

Wisdom Real Estate has begun using Walkthrough’s VR experience to tour homes! Check it out:

Although we have had a pilot running since September with Van Holland Residential, Dan, the head honcho at Wisdom Real Estate, is using our VR experience to help the realtors within their brokerage tour all the listings their brokerage has.

This is awesome for them because each of their realtors

  1. not only tour every home virtually so that they aren’t driving their clients to homes they know they won’t like, but…
  2. it’s also a higher likely hood that the brokerage will earn both sides of the commission if realtors have a better idea of their own brokerages’ inventory.


It’s like Sim City, but real life.

Since installing the VR experience at the Wisdom Real Estate Group office, we’ve learned they needed a better way to see where homes are geographically located – so we built one.

Think Godzilla in Sim City.

The quality isn’t very high but our MVP is in use! June we’ll be focusing on improving this quality.

Revenue? Why go after revenue?

Kidding. But seriously – watch this silicon valley episode.

Last month we were paid by 2 clients to turn blueprints into full VR experiences.

This is awesome because

  1. in order to build our database of textures to apply to every model, we need to manually create those finishes and see how they apply in various cases
  2. to begin the automation process of turning any home into VR, we need to go through the VR model from blueprint creation process manually so we can figure how to automate it.

In other words, we’re getting paid to do work we need to do anyway to achieve our longer term goal of automating the creation of high quality VR models.

Here is one of the original blueprints/models we received.

And here is what version 1 of that looks like in our VR experience.

And this is the quality it should get to over the next few weeks.

Team @ HQ

Our full-time HQ team has grown to 7.  We’re now at 14 full-time team members and in the next 2 weeks we’ll be at 16 (we’re adding 2 photographers so we can launch in New York and Austin) and we also have a few interns working with us as well!

Revenue is a growin’

Last week we had our 1 year anniversary and we generated over $127,000 in revenue.

Fun fact – This graph only shows our revenue that we’ve been earning from our photography side of the company. Next month I should be including a graph that shows the revenue we’ve slowly begun generating in VR.

Current investors – access our accounting & financial model here.

How you can help:

  • I’ll be in San Francisco June 14th-16th and would love introductions to any brokerages to show them the new VR experience we have at the Wisdom Real Estate brokerage.
  • We’re looking for more Denver Realtors that might be interested in being a Beta tester of our VR platform.

A few notes in case you forgot:

Walkthrough replaces the time-consuming process of touring multiple properties with a simple and affordable virtual reality experience. (view investor slide deck)

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Pascal Wagner