Life Update #2 (June 2018)

Hello World.

Although writing a personal diary that is published online helps me stay more accountable to my goals, it definitely feels a little odd. That being said I’ve settled on a health goal of reaching 180 lbs to reach a body type or physique I’ve been aiming for (I’ve never weighed more than 160ish lbs) and started documenting more of my personal learnings to share here.

On to the update!

// KPI //

// Learnings //

  • Without meal prepping, eating balanced meals and getting all of the nutrients I need on a daily basis is really difficult. I’ve also realized, I have so much sodium in my diet from all of the foods that I eat that I need to get it under control. The moment you start tracking your health metrics, it’s really eye opening how unhealthy we are and what we’re fueling our bodies with (or maybe it’s just me?).
  • At Walkthrough, we’ve been working as a remote distributed team for several weeks now and it feels as though we’re more productive. We have no definitive metrics here but subjectively, it feels as though there are less distractions.
  • Pipedrive has been an amazing tool to help keep track of all investor conversations and understand who is still in my pipeline. I can’t believe I started out by putting all of my investor notes in excel. #Rookie
  • Joining an accelerator network like Techstars, I had the expectation that the network would be pretty strong and founders that have already raised a round of funding would be open to help make introductions to VCs they’ve spoken with. It’s jarring how many founders in the network do not respond to emails from other founders in the network.

// Random Thoughts //

  • I think I’m the most productive on flights. I read a lot. Take a lot of notes. It’s a time I disconnect from the world. I think I need more of that.
  • How much equity do you give employees at varying stages of the company? With VC Cash in the bank and $500k in revenue, how much do you give to recruit top talent who aren’t taking as much of a risk as the first employees have?
  • I’ve recently become more addicted to Twitter & Medium as platforms now that I’ve curated my stream to follow VCs, Entrepreneurs, and thoughts on Design. People I really enjoy following are: @msuster @andrewchen @CBInsights @naval @sehurlburt @jasonlk @suhail

// Noteworthy Tweets/Articles I’ve Read //

// Pictures //

Stacie, Diego, Erik and I traveled to Florida to attend the Orlando Salsa Congress. It’s been several years since I’ve been back and amazing to see many of my college friends again who attended.

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit my mom for her 60th birthday in Florida and celebrated by going out on the boat with one of my best friends Diego and his Family.

Took a trip to Michigan to celebrate Doug’s bachelor party. Excited to see him get married in September.

While on a trip to Salt Lake City to meet with a few investors, my brother Ollie happened to be there during the same time!