Life Update #1 (May 2018)

Hello World.

This is more of a personal diary that I really just wanted to give a shot. I use this as a structure in my business and wanted it as a structure in my personal life as a way to look. I’m hoping this gives me something I can look back on and learn from where I once was.

// Asks //

  • What is the one habit that has made the biggest impact on your health/productivity?

// KPI //

I’m trying to come up with a good set of “Life” KPI’s. If you have any ideas – I’m all ears. My thoughts are that they should be something around my health, wealth, love, and happiness. Ideas I’ve had are around tracking networth, a subjective happiness & love index, or body weight or fitness activity.

// Highs //

  • Demo Day – Techstars ended with a 4 minute presentation in front of 1,200 of my peers at the Boulder Theatre in Colorado. Here’s a video.
  • Leasing a new apartment – After dating 6 months, working together, and 5 different domestic and 1 international trip, Stacie & I pulled the trigger to move in together.
  • Backpack Trip Booked – In October, Stacie and I are taking a vacation to visit Japan, Bali, and Beijing. Although I’m sure I’ll be working a bit, it will be the first real vacation I’ve taken over the last 5 years.

// Lows //

  • My aunt has cancer –  After the sudden death of my Uncle in January, my Aunt who was just starting to feel better had just been diagnosed with Peritoneal-carcinosis last week and will begin chemo therapy this week. Keep us in your thoughts!

// Current Experiments //

  1. Running a monthly personal log for the next 12 months will help me be accountable to keeping track of my personal/business experiments and ultimately will help me become happier, healthier, smarter and wealthier.
  2. By tracking the number of days I go to the gym, I’ll increase the numbers of days I go to the gym from 2 to 4 per week.

// Random Thoughts //

  • I’m the least productive and waste the most time when I don’t know either 1) what to do first or 2) what the steps are
  • Premium or Luxury brands work for brands that other people see, not necessarily use.
  • There should be a reddit style website where the most thought provoking articles/blogs rise to the top.
  • Apple makes insanely great products. The iPhone X and AirPods have made noticeable impacts on my life. Particularly using FaceID to unlock passwords and no cords getting in my way at the gym.
  • I’m really excited to do quite a few outdoor “Colorado” activities this summer such as white water rafting, mountain biking, and camping.
  • I’ve switched to hiring for experience instead of mindset and culture. That’s wrong. I need to hire for hustle. Everything else is learnable. Even engineers.

// Random Questions //

  • How do I measure progress in my life like I do in business?
  • What are the dynamics at play that enable a startup such as LimeBikes to scale so quickly (47 markets in 9 months) whereas other marketplaces cannot?

// Noteworthy Articles I’ve Read //

// Cool things I’ve come across //

  1. UBiome – This is a free health test (covered by your insurance) that gives you a lot of information about how healthy your gut is. I’m still awaiting my results.
  2. Customized Branding Iron For Food – Just came across this from a friend and now have this as my go-to wedding gift for a few of my friends.

// Happenings //

I spend about 4-6 hours a month learning, improving and thinking about crypto currencies. Here is my roommate Joe and I putting all of our Ethereum mining rigs in a grow tent in order to lock in the heat and properly ventilate it out.

Here are the last few days of myself and some of the Techstars class grabbing a bite to eat after presenting at Demo Day.