July 2017 Update #13 – Density experiment


  • Our teams focus has shifted towards developing our VR experience and getting more feedback from brokerages. We are now also tracking usage within VR (# of sessions, avg. time in experience, total home views).

Density Experiment Taught Us VR Should Be Simpler
In Boulder, CO we went around and scanned 14 of the 60+ active homes on the market around downtown. The purpose was to test if we had density in a specific area,  that our VR experience would be valuable to agents & prospective buyers.

We learned 2 things:

  1. Homes aren’t in the quality yet where agents feel comfortable showing homes with buyers. They do see value in touring the homes for themselves to get an idea of what’s on the market. Agents car pool after their weekly meetings to go visit the homes their brokerage has active on the market. We’ve already found one brokerage uses it this way and we think this is the initial step to seeing adoption.
  2. We need to make the UX much simpler. Although controllers allow you to have significantly more functionality within the experience, we found we need to focus on making it incredibly simpler instead of adding functionality for the average user.

Our next step: We’re running an event this coming month directly targeted towards consumers instead of brokers to see if the findings are the same for the intended end users.

We’re starting to track VR usage.
It’s a slow start but we’re now starting to track average time within the experience, how much time people are spending in each home, and how many homes do people look at in a session.

We’ll start to include this data in our KPI section moving forward.

Key Performance Indicators:
Current investors – access our accounting & financial model here.

Note: We’ve ended our free trials on the 19th of July, so we should continue to see a drop in market share as this graph includes both free & paid listings per city.

A few notes in case you forgot:
Walkthrough replaces the time-consuming process of touring multiple properties with a simple and affordable virtual reality experience. (view investor slide deck)

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Pascal Wagner