January 2017 Update #7 – Raised $325k

Hey investors/advisors/friends!

High Level Summary:

  • This month it’s short & sweet. We’ve hired & trained 2 full time photographers, temporarily removed our automated drones from our marketing package due to focus, and we’re now focusing on launching into San Francisco by the end of February. As for a shoutout – Heather has been the key to streamlining our operations and super humbled to have her on the team.

Where we are:

  • Finance:
  • Market:
  • Product:
  • This type of feedback is what we get on a weekly basis. We just need to continue figuring out how to reduce the friction of getting people to use our free-trial.
  • We run a tight ship over here at Walkthrough. #OperationsOnPoint!
  • We’ve put all drone operations on hold. There are a few legality issues we need to straighten out and it also adds enough complexity with city expansion that it makes sense to focus on fewer things and do them well rather than spread ourselves too thin at this point.
  • Jeremy helped P$ (that’s me), figure out how to use MailMerge to automate more of our sales process. What used to take me 4-6 hours per day in putting emails together, I can now literally do in 10 minutes. #Progress

Where we’re going:

  • We’re launching in San Francisco in the last week of February! By this next update we should be operating out of 2 cities in the US.


A few notes in case you forgot:

  • You are receiving this email because you are a mentor, investor, or close friend of the team. The intention of this email is to get help growing our business and keep you updated on our highs and lows and gives us a simple & easy way for us to stay in touch.
  • Walkthrough replaces the time-consuming process of touring multiple properties with a simple and affordable virtual reality experience. (view investor slide deck here)


Pascal Wagner