December 2017 Update #18

Hello investors/advisors/friends,

Below is our latest update — it’s short and sweet with a quick review of this last year’s progress.


Year in review:

Lessons Learned This Year:

  • Raising money and meeting with potential investors is a very large distraction. I think it’s been valuable building the initial relationships for when we raise our next few rounds but it definitely sits in the way of focusing on growing the right team and revenue.
  • Deciding to focus on short term revenue (photography) vs long term goals (proving VR) has been a struggle. On the one hand, photography is necessary for us to build the density needed for VR and it provides an immediate revenue stream. On the other hand, we’ve had pushback from investors that it feels as if we’re only a photography company that is not worth funding without having VR tours & revenue proven. This put us in a weird position to try to tackle both this last year. I still don’t think I know the answer to whether it was smart to tackle both or just to focus on building the 3D model density with photography.
  • What has been your insight or analysis after watching us grow this year?

Customer Spotlight:

Key Performance Indicators:

Pascal Wagner

Walkthrough replaces the time-consuming process of touring multiple properties with a simple and affordable virtual reality experience. (view investor slide deck)