August 2016 Update #2 – Built online scheduling

Hey advisors/friends/family!

You are receiving this email because you are a mentor, investor, or close friend of the Walkthrough team. The intention of this email is to get help growing our business and to keep potential investors updated on our progress.

Company Product & Vision:
I’ve been working on a pitch deck that thoroughly explains our product and vision. You can view our current draft of our pitch deck here.

Recent Highs:

  • Heather Armel, who was the head claim supervisor and led the #1 team for Geico out of 150, is joining our team as our first Regional Operations Manager and starts Monday September 12th!
  • Recently participated as 1 of 12 startups in the local startup series called Denver Beta and were voted and awarded prizes as the most innovative company in Denver.
  • We’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback on our product and have had people switch from providers they’ve been working with over the last 5-7 years. Check it out:

Product Improvements:
We’ve built proprietary technology that automates what our ‘competitors’ do manually.

  • We allow customers to book their ideal time slots online rather than call an operator.
  • We’ve developed an algorithm that takes the 2 hour manual process of processing photos into 15 minutes.
  • We’ve automated the creation additional assets (like video slideshows, websites, and flyers that realtors find valuable.
  • We’ve dropped our pricing to be $150 for our package regardless the size of the home and have seen an incredible uptick in demand for our service.
  • We’ve created a process with our specialized equipment that allows us to hire low skilled labor at $10/hr to produce professional grade photography. Here is an example of that photography:

Where we currently are (KPIs):

  • In the 2.5 months we’ve really been operating we’ve generated $5,077 in revenue while being significantly handicapped as 2 people building product, working on business development, and actually providing the time consuming aspect of our service.
  • There are currently 231 agents (up from 105 agents back in July) from the Denver area who have tried our product or are waiting for their next listing to try our product.
  • We’re currently on track to hit our milestones we projected a few months back. The line in yellow is our actual progress while the gray line is our projected progress.

How you can help us:

  • If you’re an agent who does at least 3 listings a month anywhere around the country I’d love to connect to talk about figuring out when we can launch in your city.
  • We’re aiming to focus on raising money in late October, but if you know of anyone curious about learning more about our company for potential investment – I’m open to any introduction.

And for celebration, Jeremy and I decided for each milestone we hit, we’re throwing some sort of boat party. This last milestone consisted of celebrating on a rubber pool raft.

Thank you for reading through this. We’ve received an overwhelming amount of support and interest in making this vision a reality and moving forward I’d definitely appreciate any thoughts and feedback on our update and business.

Pascal Wagner