April 2017 Update #10 – Commercial VR testing

Hey investors/advisors/friends/team/person I passed on the street/auntie!

A few notes in case you forgot:

  • You are receiving this email because you are a mentor, investor, or close friend of the team. The intention of this email is to get help growing our business, keep you updated on our highs and lows, or simply give us a simple & easy way for us to stay in touch.
  • Walkthrough replaces the time-consuming process of touring multiple properties with a simple and affordable virtual reality experience. (view investor slide deck)

High Level Summary:

  • We’ve officially crossed the $100,000 in after coming up with the idea 11 months ago. #CashMoney #Growth #ChaChingThat being said, we spent most of our available time hiring (Sales/Training Director/Image Processor), building software to streamline our internal operations and lower expenses, as well start integrating new software to serve our existing customers better (ZenDesk).
  • Oh, and we’re raising an additional $100,000 – give me a shout if you want in!

How You Can Help:

  • We’re raising an additional $100,000 to hire additional engineers to scale our VR product. This is probably the last chance to get involved before we raise a larger VC round later this year.
  • Vail, Colorado has the potential to be one of our first VR markets. If you know any realtors who might want to be part of a potential VR pilot, please introduce us!
  • We’re looking for Denver realtors to be early adopters of our VR software. Know anyone who might want to participate, introduce us!

Finances:  We’ve made $100,000 in our first 11 months in business.

  • Although we didn’t see massive growth, we did earn more than last month as we’ve been preparing for our next growth spurt! We have a Training Director starting next week who will be the key piece in allowing us to hire & train photographers across the country to help us scale and grab marketshare!

Market Share:  

  • Fun Fact: In summer months the volume of homes sold increases which means because we chose to focus on bringing on a Training Director to focus on future growth, in the short term we didn’t hire/train additional photographers to keep up with or grow our current market share.


  • Even your grandma would think she’s in a real home.
    Just wanted to give a quick snapshot of the product/experience we’re working towards.
  • Explaining the experience we’ve created is like explaining what the internet would be like before 1995. It’s unfathomable unless you try it on but this should give you somewhat of a sense of the experience we’re creating.
  • We’ve landed short term contracts to help pay and build out our VR product.
    We should be shortly closing a contract with Interior Environments to bring one of their clients’ showrooms into VR. This project allows us to take the first steps into automating the build of VR environments from CAD files.
  • Our clients are the only ones in Denver using VR in their sales process.
    We’re working with AllSteel to build out a VR experience to allow all of their furniture dealers to use VR to help push their products.
  • As far as we know, Interior Environments (a dealer of AllSteel here in Denver) is the only furniture dealer using VR in their sales presentations to win clients. Here is what that experience looks like:
  • We’re looking for our next set of early adopters!
    Bjorn from Van Holland Residential was crazy enough to give our VR system a shot for a few months starting back in September. The office has been using VR to bring in new buyers. Check out that office!
  • In all seriousness, we’re now focusing on finding out next set of early adopters to give our database pilot to. Know any realtors who might want to be apart of it? Definitely introduce us!


  • Product Roadmap
  • Milestone Chart
  • New Team Members
    We’re super excited to bring on Elizabeth Devlin (on the left) who is in charge of Business Development & Customer Success. She’s making sure all of our existing customers feel taken care of (taking phone calls, answering questions, checking in with them), and also tackling everything around sales as we launch into new cities and expand our market share in existing ones. Give her a welcoming shout on twitter!
  • We’re also bringing on Kiel VanHorn (Photography Processing Guru) & Kelsey Kuenstler (Training Director) which will round out our initial launch team that we need in order to scale all across the 10 cities this year.