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Why Am I Asking For Your Email?

My name is Pascal Wagner and I am the CEO at Walkthrough. During the time I was raising our first round of investment, I realized how important knowing other founders was in getting introductions to investors.

It could mean the difference between getting funding and having your dream die. Earning a salary or working nights at a bar to make ends meet.

I’m asking for your email so I can:

  1. Help give you introductions to VC’s (when I send deals to VC firms, it makes me look good and I now have a reason to stay connected)
  2. Help you create a better slide deck (when you look at a lot of decks, it’s easier to make your own)
  3. Help you grow your business (if I connect you with other founders, you’re likely to help me do the same)

Growing a company is challenging. This is my attempt to build a network and make it easier.