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CEO @ Walkthrough

April 2017 Update #10 – Commercial VR testing

Hey investors/advisors/friends/team/person I passed on the street/auntie! A few notes in case you forgot: You are receiving this email because you are a mentor, investor, or close friend of the team. The intention of this email is to get help growing our business, keep you updated on our highs and lows, or simply give us a simple & easy way for us to… read more »

March 2017 Update #9 – San Francisco launch

Hey investors/advisors/friends/team! High Level Summary:  Within our first 3 weeks of launching in San Francisco we already hit 7% market share (It took us 5 months to get 4.5% marketshare in Denver) so this may be our first market to test our VR marketplace.We were featured in the press! Walkthrough Revolutionizes Denver Real Estate Listings with… read more »

February 2017 Update #8 – Site redesign

Hey investors/advisors/friends! High Level Summary:  In February we increased our home volume by 37% (we did 140 homes), generated 46% more revenue (we made $11,400), and increased our market share to 4.5% (in January we had 3.2%). We’re beginning to focus on our User Experience and we’re launching our properly designed website within the next few days. We’ve also… read more »

January 2017 Update #7 – Raised $325k

Hey investors/advisors/friends! High Level Summary:  This month it’s short & sweet. We’ve hired & trained 2 full time photographers, temporarily removed our automated drones from our marketing package due to focus, and we’re now focusing on launching into San Francisco by the end of February. As for a shoutout – Heather has been the key to streamlining our operations and super humbled to have… read more »

December 2016 Update #6 – Camera exposure upgrades

Hey investors/advisors/friends! High Level Summary:  We raised over $325k ($300 was our goal) and we’re just going through paperwork to close the fundraising round. Although we dropped in market share of homes this last month, it was our highest revenue month to date clocking in above $8k. We also had a customer prepay $10k and committing all of their… read more »