Welcome to Pascal Wagner

CEO @ Walkthrough

November 2017 Update #17

Hello investors/advisors/friends, November has been a month of building processes & procedures, meeting with investors and getting to cash flow positive. We’ll dig deeper in the update below. The Story: Live Urban Denver begins training it’s agents on how to use virtual reality to tour homes. Catch me up: We use our virtual reality demo at… read more »

October 2017 Update #16

Hello Team, Here’s a new format intended to help you better understand what we’re working on. Two quick updates here and exciting things coming up for our next update! That being said, let’s hop in! The story: Walkthrough pushes out technology to automatically create 3D tours of homes being developed or also known as new… read more »

My Company Walkthrough Was Accepted Into Techstars!

It hasn’t been publicly announced yet, but Walkthrough was selected as one of the 10 companies out of I think 3,000+ of those who applied to participate in Techstars Boulder. The team at Techstars recommends that you get all of your obligations in order, mention to your family that you won’t be really spending any… read more »

August 2017 Update #14 – Focusing on 2 (slimming from 5) cities

Summary: Revenue grew by 33% after halting operations in 3 cities to focus on our largest 2 markets. The engineering team has figured out how to manually improve the 3D model quality of the home to be what we think is “good enough” for the average consumer to use. LIV Sotheby’s agents in Vail have invested $5,000 in our VR… read more »


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