Quarterly Reports

The Cash Flow Rentals Hustle Report #4 (QTR 4 2015)

Hey Hustlers! This quarters hustle report comes as a blog post but we’re thinking that over the next couple quarters that it will develop into video form. Why?   Because it’s much easier to explain things that are going on in video. We can actually show you things much more clearly, and frankly it’s a… read more »

The Cash Flow Rentals Hustle Report #3 (QTR 3 2015)

  Hey fellow hustlers!   This report has become increasingly difficult to put together this quarter because we’re in the middle of shifting a lot of our systems and we’ve become swamped with running our own businesses but we’ve updated this report a bit (to be shorter) from the feedback we’ve gotten (so keep it… read more »

The Cash Flow Rentals Hustle Report #2 (QTR 2 2015)

Hey fellow hustlers! Happy 4th of July! We’re super excited to share report #2 with you. As vulnerable and potentially embarrassing it is opening everything up and showing you what we’re doing, we’re super  thankful that you – our advisors, role models, and support system are there for us to help us make decisions and… read more »

The Cash Flow Rentals Hustle Report #1 (QTR 1 2015)

Happy April! If you are receiving this email, it’s because we respect and would love to have you involved in the business we are building in the real estate industry. Every quarter we’ll be sending out an update with our progress and will be looking for support, feedback, and encouragement. That being said, let’s jump into the meat… read more »