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How do I know I’m building something people want?

Something I ask myself almost every day is: How do I know I’m building something people want? What are your thoughts? #VLOG #Techstars #Walkthrough #VirtualReality #VR #RealEstate #Denver #Tech

December 2017 Update #18

Hello investors/advisors/friends, Below is our latest update — it’s short and sweet with a quick review of this last year’s progress. Highlights: Accepted into the Techstars Boulder Accelerator starting Feb 11-May 11th. Moved to an all contract photographer model instead of full-time. Holding off on raising a capital round through SeedInvest. Year in review: December – Accepted into Techstars Boulder starting… read more »

November 2017 Update #17

Hello investors/advisors/friends, November has been a month of building processes & procedures, meeting with investors and getting to cash flow positive. We’ll dig deeper in the update below. The Story: Live Urban Denver begins training it’s agents on how to use virtual reality to tour homes. Catch me up: We use our virtual reality demo at… read more »


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