Welcome to Pascal Wagner

CEO @ Walkthrough

Walkthrough Update #19 (Jan 2018)

Hello team/investors/advisors/friends, Below is our latest update — feel free to read just the highlights or as much detail as you’d like. Highlights: Seasonally, January is one of the worst months in the year for revenue (kids are still in school, people aren’t moving during the holidays). This January, we almost had the same revenue as… read more »

How do I know I’m building something people want?

Something I ask myself almost every day is: How do I know I’m building something people want? What are your thoughts? #VLOG #Techstars #Walkthrough #VirtualReality #VR #RealEstate #Denver #Tech

December 2017 Update #18

Hello investors/advisors/friends, Below is our latest update — it’s short and sweet with a quick review of this last year’s progress. Highlights: Accepted into the Techstars Boulder Accelerator starting Feb 11-May 11th. Moved to an all contract photographer model instead of full-time. Holding off on raising a capital round through SeedInvest. Year in review: December – Accepted into Techstars Boulder starting… read more »


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